Who we are:

Shatha Al Baraem Center for Child Hospitality, affiliated to the Ministry of Human Resources, Social Development Sector, under the supervision of the Development Center of the City of Makkah.

The beginning of the upbringing started in the year 2005 G, moving under multiple supervisory umbrellas that contributed to building and improving the services provided, until it became one of the leading centers that works closely and proceeds with stable and strong developmental steps.

The center is concerned with caring and providing services for children from new-borns to 12 years old.

The services provided under the supervision, management and performance of a Saudi team.

The center operates from 6:00 am until 10:00pm , in an integrated environment equipped with the latest methods of monitoring, safety and security tools.

The center is characterized by activities and programs that work on the comprehensive development and construction of the child, by keeping up with all developments of educational and professional knowledge throughout this path.

Our Vision:

Leadership and empowerment in preparing and developing young child.

Our Mission:

Quality and creativity in building the child’s personality in its various aspects, achieving psychological balance and building the child’s knowledge.

Our Goals:

• Effective definition and community awareness of the importance of hospitality centers in the local community.

•To encourage and consolidate the principles and concepts of early childhood importance in an individual’s life.

• Preparing the child psychologically, behaviorally, and skillfully so, that he confronts society with all responsibility and becomes an active and productive member.

• Encouraging the concept of parental partnership and its positive impact on educating the child about the surrounding cultural, social and other factors.

• Raising the child socially, educationally, and culturally using modern educational methods.

• Integration of the family and school in caring of the child and helping the mother, and enabling her to join the labor market.

• Create an opportunity of child to develop him in physical, mental and emotional aspects, to acquire new skills and to reach the greatest extent of developing his potential.

• Helping the child to increase his academic achievement, knowledge and cultural assimilation.

• Promote the values of loyalty, belonging to the country, and citizenship.

• Educating the child about the importance goals of the community participants.

• Promoting Islamic concepts, values and ethics.